"We don't have to do nothin', we just be right here and we're in trouble already."

-- Frank Alvarez

Skateboarding is illegal in many cities and public areas, and a lot of people think that skate parks are places where kids gather to buy, sell, and do drugs.  But what if the opposite were true?  For guys like Frank Alvarez and the other skaters in EXTRAORDINARY, it is.

Skating is their best chance to avoid gangs, drugs, and the many other pitfalls waiting for teenagers growing up in the inner city.

EXTRAORDINARY follows seven young men who use skating to help them steer clear of the dangers in their lives.  Not all of them make it, but the ones

who do have the unlikely combination of skateboarding, and an activist mother from Santa Monica named Heidi Lemmon there to help them. 

In 1996, there were only 3 public skate parks in the entire country.  Ever since her own son was arrested for skating, Heidi has been on a mission to help kids across the country get skate parks built in their own area. 

EXTRAORDINARY is the story of how Heidi came to help the young skaters, how they helped her, and how together they all helped kids across the country get thousands of skate parks built.